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Rated as one of the Best Courses for Coaches

Kim Hodous, ACC

Life Coach

"James's course has been nothing less than transformational in my coaching business. I'm referencing the new information I learned from him in nearly every coaching session. EVERY COACH I KNOW could benefit from his wisdom and treasure trove of practical resources. I don’t know how I coached before learning all this powerful information! If I had one piece of advice, it would be this: TAKE HIS COURSE now!"

Maria Lester, Program Accreditation Coordinator, ICF

"Believe me, as someone who reviews continuing education programs daily, James's is OUTSTANDING!"

Diane Locke, MA, PCC Executive Coach,

CEO, Ellis Locke

"This course was stimulating and inspiring. Not only did I learn information that will help me as a coach; I also developed new insights to help me be happier and more productive. James is a WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE."

Sally Felkai,

CIO, Emily Carr University of Art and Design

"PRACTICAL, ACCESSIBLE, and TRANSFORMATIONAL...right from the first session."

Tawanna Preston, MA, ACC, Senior Vice President, 

Ginnie Mae

"The course is designed and instructed in a way that KEEPS YOU captive and WANTING TO KNOW MORE. I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND it!"

Susan Williams, PCC, 

CEO, YesUCan Coaching

"James was very ENTERTAINING and FUN to listen to, with a gift of helping people see how their brain can work for them or against them. His course is a MUST-DO!"

Cynthia Roney, Executive Advisor, PCC, Certified Executive Coach, 

CEO, Executive Passage,

Ex-Public Company Biotech CEO

"OUTSTANDING COURSE!! Best I've ever taken for personal and professional growth! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Excellent insights combine leading edge brain science with practical real-life examples and a powerful toolkit. Don't want it to be over!! James is awesome!"

Sandra  Donadeu, PCC, 

Life Coach, Executive Coach, Nutritional Coach

"Oh my, WHAT DIDN'T I LEARN in this course? This course and James were SIMPLY FANTASTIC! Brain by Design effectively and effortlessly combines science (specifically neuroscience) with real life and explains not only why we do the things we do but more importantly HOW WE CAN CHANGE it for the better by understanding and capitalizing on how our brains work (i.e. its neuroplasticity). The fact that we can impact how we show up, how we live, how we function on a deep and sustainable level was incredibly empowering.  

Brain science + real life + doable strategies + fun = this course

As a professional coach, this course has given me a more in-depth brain science foundational understanding and the research behind it by which I can build on my coaching interactions and better support my clients in a meaningful way. The instructor James is a jewel. A combination of science, wisdom, compassion, humanity and joy all wrapped up in one curious-minded body and soul. He's a life-long student and was undergoing a 1-year Deep Change project for the duration of our course. JAMES BREATHES WHAT HE TEACHES and is a natural teacher who dispenses his knowledge in such a WARM, CONVERSATIONAL manner that often you felt like you're speaking with and listening to an old friend rather than being taught. The way the course is designed with 12 self-directed (paced to an extent) pre-recorded online courses+ 6 virtual live sessions worked really well as it gave you the opportunity to go over a wealth of information in your own time and then come prepared to have a deeper discussion during the live sessions. The fact that it's accredited by ICF for CCU's is appealing as well but I would take this course even if that wasn't offered. James also provided a number of resources (i.e. books, links, key people, etc. that attendees have unlimited access to forever.) both during the pre-recorded and live sessions so you could explore the concepts more in-depth. I came away from the course feeling empowered re: the science but also with a large number of practical tips, strategies, etc. that I can confidently start applying both personally and professionally. If you're looking for a course that's LIFE-CHANGING, literally, you MUST DO Brain by Design."

Eva White, 

Director, Ginnie Mae

"LOVED THE COURSE!  It opens your eyes! James is WONDERFUL!"

James Millhouse,  

Manager, Ginnie Mae

"This was a very INNOVATIVE,

mind-stimulating course.

I would recommend it to everyone!"

Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez, ACC, 

CEO, Families Blossoming

"A treasure for life! The way James explains each concept, I now use with my clients -- because it helps them to understand it much better: the battery, the roads, the snow mountain, the thimble, etc. I didn't think that I could learn so many interesting and useful things in every session! It has been a wonderful experience! 


Jonathan Siener, PCC, Senior Manager, Gavi

"James has a true gift. The way he takes the science and provides the relevant bite size information at the right time in the right manner and connects so well with his target audience is incredible. Full of implementable pieces along with the relevant data/science needed to understand the root of key elements and how they all connect together. I wish there was a part 2!"

Backing up your recommendations with cutting-edge science helps your clients see your value.

Want to differentiate yourself as a coach?

gives you  22.5 Continuing Coach Education Credits 

(17 of which are Core Hours).

The science of happiness is one of the most powerful tools in any coach's toolbox. In this crash course on positive psychology, you'll learn how to help your clients harness the power of positive emotions, the amazing benefits of mindfulness, how to achieve “flow,” and why gratitude is a game-changer. Your clients' happiness will never be the same.

All Courses are Certified for Continuing Coach Education Credit (CCE) through ICF.  Click here to see our ICF listing.

The science of habits is the key to any successful change effort. If you know how to coach someone through mastering their habits, their results will increase exponentially.

In this course, you'll learn how to use proven methods like habit-stacking, keystone habits, and habit-tracking. Helping your clients make or break any habit has never been easier.

Do your clients ever tell you that they struggle with distraction? How about checking their phone, email, or social media too much? This is a course on the science of focus. You'll learn how to help your clients maintain their peak performance by avoiding the traps of multitasking, getting more done by working less, conquering procrastination, and staying laser focus in a hyper-distracted world.

It Includes...

The Three-Course Bundle

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Mini Habits from the course!

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How It Works

We meet on Thursdays at 11:00AM PST/2:00PM EST

Nov 5th = Habits

Nov 12th = Habits

Nov 19th = Productivity

Nov 26th = No Class (Thanksgiving)

Dec 3rd = Productivity

Dec 10th = Happiness

Dec 17th = Happiness 

3) Attend the Six Live Sessions.  Next cohort starts Nov 5th.

With the bundle, you'll get the most CCE credits (22.5) and the best deal. 

1) Sign up for the 3-Course Bundle for only $447 $347

At your own pace, finish the videos and exercises for each course. While it's helpful to finish this part before attending the live sessions, it's not essential.

After each session, you'll submit a short reflection designed to deepen your learning. You can download that here.

2) Go through the pre-recorded courses on your own

I'm more than happy to clarify any questions you may have. Feel free to email me at:

4) Reach out to me with any questions

If you don't need all 22.5 credits, you can get 7.5 CCEs by signing up for a single courses for $197.

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